Punctured Heart

The Tellarine Series Book 1

The perfect life is an illusion. Can she pick up the pieces when it counts?

Victoria Burke adores her husband, her children, and her teaching career. She remains devoted, but her husband’s betrayal and a tragedy which leaves her with emotional and physical scars shatters her world. Navigating the fragments of her broken existence, Victoria seeks solace and a fresh start in the unassuming Australian country town of Tellarine.

With determination, she seizes the opportunity to rediscover her God-given identity, mend her fragile heart, and pursue happiness and intimacy. The road to healing, however, is not without its challenges. Can new love overcome Victoria’s secrets? Will she find the strength to move forward, despite lingering doubts and insecurities?

Punctured Heart tells a story of love, deep grief, and the ongoing journey toward redemption. The captivating world of Tellarine is the backdrop for this series, where love and forgiveness are key to healing the wounded hearts of the distressed.

Content Disclaimer: This book covers sensitive topics like domestic violence and other mature themes. We suggest readers exercise discretion.

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