Wounded Soul

The Tellarine Series Book 2

Life disrupts the best-laid plans. Can she rebuild her dreams from the ruins?

Diana Jacobsen dreams of becoming a journalist and is confident her deceased mother would approve of her chosen path. Leaving behind hometown comforts, Diana chases her educational dreams. She settles into her new life in Melbourne, but when a sudden catastrophe hijacks her world, she realises her journey has just started.

Amid confusion and fear, Diana forges ahead. She clings to her unshakeable faith in God with her family’s support and seeks respite in Tellarine, where she finds comfort in old and new friendships. Can she overcome her pain and achieve her dreams, or will external forces dictate her path? And will love find her along the way?

Wounded Soul chronicles the journey of a resilient young woman finding herself through life’s challenges. Love and forgiveness are at the heart of this series set in the enchanting world of Tellarine.

Content Disclaimer: This book covers sensitive topics like suicide, abuse, and other mature themes. We suggest readers exercise discretion.

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