Broken Spirit

The Tellarine Series Book 4

The dream of motherhood eludes her. Can she find her way back to hope?

Belinda Briggs is familiar with heartache and life’s heavy burdens. Multiple miscarriages, unfulfilled expectations, and family challenges have strained her marriage. After an epiphany, Belinda rekindles the flame with her husband, renewing her future hopes.

When catastrophe strikes, Belinda faces relentless trials demanding more than she’s willing to give. Angry and overwhelmed, her faith crumbles along with the rest of her life. Will she piece together her fragmented identity and find the elusive peace she craves while rejecting the love of a once-cherished Saviour?

Broken Spirit conveys a harrowing tale of family, faith, and the depths one woman must dig to survive. In the last instalment of The Tellarine Series, hope and forgiveness remain central in the enthralling world of Tellarine.

Content Disclaimer: This book covers sensitive topics like pregnancy loss, bereavement and other mature themes. We suggest readers exercise discretion.

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