Sons of Scandal

I’ve been reading Becky Wade’s emotional Christian romances since I stumbled across her ebooks after reconnecting with fiction 6 years ago (once I had devoured everything Julie Lessman had published at that point! 😂).

Ms Wade’s stories are moreish, with a permeating love for God, so I was thrilled when I recently qualified for an advanced copy of her latest novel, Rocky Road, the second book in the Sons of Scandal series.

I’ve been wanting to read Memory Lane, book one in the series, since its release in February last year. I was conscious of its existence, but never bought the ebook because the other thousands of unread (jealous) ebooks in my Kindle app are mean and wouldn’t let me.

True story.

Then I received a copy of Rocky Road. Since I’m not a barbarian, I read the books in order.

Memory Lane is a deep and delicious multi-layered romance between trauma victim Remy and the amnesiac man she rescues from the Atlantic Ocean. This opposites-attract love story is more than a romance, with interwoven mystery underpinning everything, and real, “raw” revelations which drew me in and sucker-punched me.

The metamorphosis of chemistry between the lead characters, transforming from mutual dislike to strange, protective feelings in a brief period, was believable and exciting to watch unfold. Though the gravity of issues and revealed history weighed on me, their light banter cracked me up at unexpected moments.

Along with the gorgeous imagery of Remy’s isolated island home, the wonderful friends and family introduced within this novel added to the engrossing (addictive!) storyline.

Speaking of family…

Rocky Road follows our almost-drowned Hero’s younger brother, Jude, and Gemma, the woman he has to “fake date” for an undercover FBI job. I loved straight-laced, rule-following Jude in Memory Lane, so I knew this would be a fabulous romance… and it was. This story also shared elements of “opposites attract”, but this related more to their personalities. Gemma’s schemes to loosen Jude’s restraint and wrinkle his perfect façade made me giggle throughout.

Both main characters had heavy “stuff” to deal with, having grown up faster than they should have to shoulder responsibilities for their respective mothers. Seeing them in their separate worlds, which soon collided thanks to nosy family, was lovely to see. It was also wonderful to catch up with characters from book one. I also enjoyed Gemma’s search for familial history.

Ms Wade dialled up the danger with more mystery and intrigue, and some rather hair-raising FBI-sanctioned scenarios. Combined with faith and family, this story was worth staying up late, with zero regret on my part.

Have you read any of Becky Wade’s books? Let me know in the comments below.

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