New Releases to Snuggle (under blankets or air-con)

It’s still rather cool here in Melbourne, but thankfully books don’t fuss with what’s happening outdoors (unless you get caught in a rain shower with said book… then they cry with you!). Reading is always an option. Always. 😉

Between juggling my daily commitments and writing, I’ve also enjoyed three new release novels by Elizabeth Bromke, Sariah Wilson and Dora Hiers.

Home to Brambleberry Creek by Elizabeth Bromke. If you like your women’s fiction heaped with family saga and sprinkled with a dusting of romance, this series beginner is for you! Ms Bromke weaves her beautifully flawed characters into the picturesque farming community of Brambleberry Creek, Kentucky, and adds plenty of familial tension, tragedy, intrigue and heart to keep the story moving. However, a warning to impatient readers who dislike drip-fed plot revelations: if you struggle with characters who “hold out” on you, this story—as wonderful as it is—might not be for you. But if you can survive the need for immediate information, read this baby!

Cinder-Nanny by Sariah Wilson. This endearing, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy was a joy to read! The story was sweet, but not sickly so, with enough sour notes for leading lady Diana to process her headful of doubts. I appreciated Griffin’s ‘nice’ personality (I’m not fussy about romantic lead types—alpha, cinnamon roll, alpha roll… any redeemable guy, really!) which fit him like a charm, failures and all. I also laughed or snorted aloud many times whilst flipping pages and delighted in the torturous slow burn closed-door sizzle between these characters. Every single burn. 🔥 Mmm. Ms Wilson knows how to build tension, write realistic dialogue, and lovable, likable characters.

Summer’s Strength by Dora Hiers. If you’ve a soft spot for second chance inspirational romances, the third book in the Second Chance Summers Christian romance series might be your cup of tea. It’s an unconventional tale of two people keeping one big secret from their friends and loved one. While Dylan and Shep are intelligent and savvy in their work spheres, they stumble throughout their journey—sometimes together, but often alone—in all the mess and complication of their lives. It seemed they would never wade through their assumptions, lack of communication (and lack of maturity!), and the mountain of hurt between them before the completion of the book… but have no fear! The happy ending was worth the wait.

Have you read any recent romance or women’s fiction releases? Let me know in the comments below.

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