The Limitless Billionaire Romance Series

Do you remember when billionaire romances were ‘all the rage’? Lately, romantic fiction trends have touted the virtues of Sports Romance, Romantasy and romcoms, but I’m one of many readers who still enjoys the endless possibilities of romances with a fiscally adept guy or gal.

Need a secure job to pay for your child’s increasing medical bills? Apply for the personal assistant job with the handsome and rich unmarried entrepreneur living down the street. Or are you a single dad struggling to juggle work and parenting? Maybe the gorgeous volunteer at your child’s after-school program you’ve been falling for over the last year is the answer to your prayers… especially when she reveals she’s a multi-billionaire tech genius during school hours.

Billionaire romances open doors many traditional romances cannot because the sky isn’t the limit for a kind soul armed with oodles of money.

Jupiter is.

But what happens when you team up swoony, capable billionaires with issues many would treat as limitations? Enter Tamie Dearen and her wonderful Limitless Sweet Billionaire romances.

I’ve read several romances where one (or both) of the main characters has a disability or serious illness. I enjoy engaging my senses, ‘stepping into the shoes’ of a character who’s overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges. Ms Dearen’s Limitless series offers the same opportunity.

The series mainly revolves around four wealthy friends—Branson, Finn, Cole and Jarrett—who met as kids at a computer camp for children with disabilities. Now adults, they spend their money and time supporting children facing similar issues.

These romances are engrossing and well-written, with plenty of tension, flawed yet beautiful characters, and fabulous romance! Many of the leads live with physical disabilities, like Branson (The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage) who’s blind and Cole (The Billionaire’s Temporary Marriage) with his prosthetic arm, but there’s also characters like Finn (The Billionaire’s Reckless Marriage) living with genetic disorders.

Each story shares a heartwarming, heart-wrenching tale of inspiring, broken people dealing with personal hang-ups, battling with self-worth, expectations, and whether they’re worthy of love.

I read the original four novels several years ago before the prequel, Christmas novella, and sixth books existed, so I’ve not experienced these stories chronologically. If this series is new to you and you’d like to read each story in chronological order, check out the image above.

Have you read the Limitless series or any of Tamie Dearen’s books? Let me know in the comments below!

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