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Hands up, who loves Pepper? Me! I’m partial to the kitchen grinder variety and don’t mind Tony Stark’s leading lady, but my favourite Pepper is the ever-amazing Pepper Basham, a sweet, authentic and hilarious Christian author who writes novels I crave to read.

I’ve enjoyed (and recommended!) several of Pepper Basham’s novels and I’m excited to share about her latest long-awaited release, Loyally, Luke.

Luke Edgewood was involuntarily dragged into the fictional world during Authentically, Izzy, his cousin’s epistolary romance, and he suffered through his theatre-obsessed, sugary-sweet baby sister’s romance in Positively, Penelope. While Luke might’ve preferred to shoot himself in the foot with a nail gun than watch a sappy movie or gab about Chris Pine, his humour, wisdom, and kind heart pulled me onto #TeamLuke soon after he appeared in Izzy’s book.

I wanted to read Luke’s story long before it existed. But when a novel not only meets but exceeds your expectations? So satisfying. Ms Basham hit it out of the park with Luke’s romance. To quote Emma St Clair (another favourite author of mine!), “Luke Edgewood is, in a word, dreamy.”

I bet Luke would hate that description, too.

Loyally, Luke is an epistolary romance about a hardworking bachelor with no time for romance and a capable Princess determined to prove she’s reformed from her rebellious ways. This tale bursts with characters you’re destined to love and wish were friends, amusing banter between Luke and his siblings, and a complex romance on the fabulous island of Skymar.

The romance between Ellie and Luke entertained me and touched my heart. While their innocent, almost reticent friendship blossomed, their character growth unfolded in such a satisfying way. And let’s not forget their chemistry. Ms Basham is fabulous at teasing readers. 😉

But the best part of this story? Luke. This book proved my previous obsession with him was totally acceptable. How could I not fall for this “blokey” rough guy who’s comfortable in the company of grumpy tradies (tradesmen) and young children alike? His aversion to Hallmark, romance and anything princessy and sweet (basically, anything his sister Penelope loves) cracked me up.

Loyally, Luke will call to your heart, burrow deep, and linger long after you close the book.

Have you read any of Pepper Basham’s novels? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Loyally, Luke

  1. Sheridan!!!!! This is an amazing review! Oh my goodness!! I am moved to teary-eyedness! You got it! You got Luke and his story so well!’ Thank you!!!!

    1. 😍 I’m so pleased! Luke was easy to “get” because you wrote him brilliantly. You’ve given me the bar to aim at when I write duel POV novels. Eeeep!

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