It’s A Girl!

My second novel released yesterday—yes, Wounded Soul is here!—and I lay in bed last night contemplating my writing journey so far (instead of sleeping, because that’s what intelligent people needing sleep do. Ha!). After the sudden realisation my first four ‘book babies’ are/will be girls, I chuckled.

Mr Wonderful asked what was happening in my head, so I told him. He stared at me. You know, one of those I really love you, but you’re a weirdo looks.

Then I asked him: “Is the idea of more ladies in the house okay with you?”

Yes, we have five daughters, but my protagonists and their wonderful cast of characters have become so real in our household, my girls ask about them.

“What’s Victoria doing these days?”

“Have you decided how to rock Diana’s world?”

“Can I name the next baby to be born?”

“Are you going to kill anyone else?”

It’s fun having them involved.

So, back to the hubby. He narrowed his eyes in the way I’ve always imagined Nicholas does, then shrugged. “Okay.”

Not sure he realises our home grows exponentially with each book I write, but that’s all right. It’s nice to know I have my family’s support despite them not being my reader audience (yet. My girls are adamant they’ll read my books when they’re mature enough to do so).

I hope your world overflows with love and craziness like my own. And if you want to check out Diana’s story and see what rocks her world, Wounded Soul is waiting for you.

Until next time,

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