Thank God It’s Friday…

Tomorrow is Good Friday, a significant date on the Christian calendar.

Significant is an understatement: Christianity wouldn’t exist without the life-altering events which unfolded at Calvary. Jesus’s torturous death opened the door to His resurrection where the ultimate smackdown condemned the enemy of our souls to Hell while simultaneously opening the door for us to receive all the good God has for us through His Son.

I’m eternally grateful for the choice to choose Jesus. It’s better than discovering a genie in a bottle or a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Wishes, wealth, heartfelt intentions, or good deeds can’t buy our everlasting freedom.

Only Jesus can open the door to Heaven.

While you feast on hot cross buns and copious amounts of chocolate with your family and friends this long weekend, please remember why we celebrate this season: it’s all because of Jesus.

If you don’t know my sweet Jesus, I pray you’ll reach out and have a chat with Him. I promise you, He’ll never disappoint.

Until next time,

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