How to Plot a Payback

My family is currently enjoying the Term 1 school holidays (well, apart from Mr Wonderful, who’s working as usual), so I stayed away from the office the past few days and caught up on reading.

Best plan ever!

One book I enjoyed was Melissa Ferguson’s How to Plot a Payback, a fabulous romantic comedy which released earlier this week. Having read another book by the author, I was excited when I received the ebook (thanks, NetGalley and Thomas Nelson!), and devoured this wonderful story within a 24-hour period.

Finn and Lavender’s tale was unique and refreshing. Set in a production studio for the TV show Neighbors (not the Aussie soap opera), their workplace romance breathed life into the ever-popular enemies-to lovers trope, sprinkling in some grumpy-sunshine and pessimist-optimist moments.

In a genre where humour can sometimes fall flat, this romcom had me laughing. Between Finn’s sarcastic, jaded personality and Lavender’s sunshiny optimism, there’s plenty of awkward, embarrassing and hilarious scenes splashed on the pages (the fluffy little chicks were a favourite of mine).

Finn’s calamitous history with Lavender fuelled every interaction and added layers to the story. While dedicated to getting payback, this novel was not like those vengeful TV shows, but an explanation of the unfortunate events in Finn’s life and how he handled them after reuniting with his “nemesis”.

I loved Lavender’s positive attitude and her ability to see the bright side of any situation, even the predicaments Finn orchestrated. She had her flaws, like Finn, and was often oblivious, but somehow everyone (except Finn!) loved her.

The pacing of the “hate turning to love” dynamic was superb, with natural and unrushed progression which kept me engrossed. Finn and Lavender’s friendship unfolded with a sweet sincerity despite their circumstances, and the interactions with their furry companions and human friends added depth and richness.

A fabulous novel worth reading!

Have you read any of Melissa Ferguson’s books? Let me know in the comments below.

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