Contractors, Musicians and Royals… Oh My!

I’ve read a mix of women’s fiction, contemporary romance and princess-themed romance of late. And the swing of emotion has been rather extreme. A heartbreaking tale of one man’s parental rights battle, a royalty romcom which had me cackling throughout, and a slow-burn, grief-filled romance ensconced in the musical side of church ministry which brought back a slew of memories.

Despite the emotional pendulum beating against my heart, I enjoyed every story for its unique way of hooking me into its world. I figured you might like to hear about these books, too.

A Nest of Sparrows by Deborah Raney is a beautifully written, heart-wrenching, grief-filled story of unconditional love, hope, and what one man will do to protect the children of his heart. This Christian women’s fiction novel overflows with all the “deep” issues I love to delve into as an author, and I read each heavy chapter of this tumultuous story, desperate to know what happened to Wade Sullivan and his deceased fiancé’s children he loved so much. Warning: keep tissues on hand.

Anchor My Heart by Sara Beth Williams is an emotive slow-burn Christian romance between a grief-stricken man and a brave woman who read his familiar signs of loss. The opening scenes pummelled my heart as Matt’s fresh grief wreaked havoc on him. Pain, guilt, anxiety and confusion filled the pages, but Ms Williams wove many lighter moments throughout the story with Matt and Tara’s friends.

In Search of a Prince by Toni Shiloh is a sweet, royal romance which could pass as women’s fiction. Set in a fictitious African island nation, the story unfolds as Brielle Adebayo discovers her royal roots and jumps headfirst into learning about her grandfather’s kingdom. I enjoyed this novel with its similarities to The Princess Diaries series, its vivid imagery, and elements of mystery, danger, and intrigue. And romance… because we can’t forget about that. 😉

Royally Rearranged by Emma St. Clair is a marvellous royal romcom! This hilarious, sweet, swoony and thought-provoking story launched into my heart and tugged at my heartstrings. Rafe and Serafina’s delightful banter and personal heartache drove the entire story. I lapped up the messy reality of a royal world, the imaginary European kingdoms, and the fairy-tale storybook beginning. Each element kept me swiping pages until the end. Bravo!

How about picking up a new read today?

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