The Ladies of Harper’s Station

During March, I indulged in audiobooks and ebooks from Karen Witemeyer’s Ladies of Harper’s Station historical Christian romance series. It seemed I had read a lot of books since I blogged about Ms Witemeyer’s Archer Brothers series late last year, so I was excited to travel back in time to somewhere new: 1890s Texas.

No Other Will Do was a fabulous, faith-filled romance introducing the colony of Harper’s Station, a women’s refuge owned and run by Emma Chandler and her aunts. Emma, a brave, determined leader, made some tough choices when an outsider threatened her community’s safety. Enter Malachi Shaw, her fearless childhood friend now temporary town protection. Emma and Malachi’s interactions were sweet (sprinkled with a little “sweet spice”), and despite the danger lurking during their brief reunion, their feelings blossomed.

Worth the Wait followed Emma’s best friend, Tori Adams, the shopkeeper of Harper’s Station, and Ben Porter, the freighter who had a crush on Tori in the first book. This novella answered many questions I’d asked myself while reading No Other Will Do, almost like a super-long additional chapter, adding depth to the ongoing story. Tori’s painful, broken past was finally revealed, and I hurt for her, but understood her fear of men, demand for independence and the need to provide for her son. A reminder that perfect love expels all fear.

Heart on the Line captured me from the first tragic chapter. We’re introduced to Grace Mallory, the sole Harper’s Station telegraph operator, in No Other Will Do, and learn she’s “chatting” with a male telegraph operator after hours: Amos Bledsoe. Despite not disclosing personal details “over the line”, Amos works out where Grace lived after he overheard news of danger coming her way that she received via telegraph. Although the previous books held elements of intrigue (along with romance, action, and fabulous characters), Grace and Amos’s story unfolded like a romantic suspense. There’s also an unexpected and endearing subplot weaved into this tale with another female resident at Harper’s Station, and I was torn between which story I wanted to jump to as the novel progressed. 😉

The Love Knot continued Claire Nevin’s story, an Irish immigrant and newcomer to Harper’s Station who sought refuge in book one. During the series, we saw her grow in confidence and skill as a healer, cementing her into their community. After receiving a letter from her younger sister in New York which upended Claire’s world, it also opened the door to Pieter van Duren, the man she had once loved. A heartwarming second chance romance filled with selfless characters, several surprises, and a beautiful ending to a much-loved series.

Have you read any of The Ladies of Harper’s Station? Or other books by Karen Witemeyer? Let me know in the comments below.

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