Romance For All Readers

I spent most of last week reading novels and snuggling my youngest on the couch… and doing not much else. This happens when I sound like a frog (or Batman, according to Miss E) and produce more mucus than a snot sea cucumber.

Gross, but true.

Miss J had been ill the week before and was recovering when I caught her bug. Now that I’m on the recovery path, I’m ready for the “romance for all readers” part of today’s post. 😉

I was blessed to receive an advanced copy of Melissa Ferguson’s latest novel, Famous for a Living, earlier this year and had planned to post a review for its launch today. But since I read more books last week than planned, I’ve added a few more reviews.

Just for you.

Famous for a Living by Melissa Ferguson hit the “contemporary women’s fiction with a romantic thread” sweet spot for me. This story follows influencer Cat Cranwell, a New Yorker with a social media addiction.

After she moves to her uncle’s home in a small Montana national park, Cat finds more time than she ever imagined reflecting on her life and what truly matters. Her failures, insecurities, and tough childhood reveal her true self, sparking readers to consider their relationship with their phones and the number of ‘likes’ they receive online.

Filled with a cast of quirky characters—including a rugged, broody nature-loving ranger—Cat’s tale overflows with heart, feisty friendships, loads of heartache, and a slow-burn romance worth the wait.

I croaked with glee when Jody Hedlund’s Wait for Me, the newest Waters of Time romance instalment, landed in my ebook app last Tuesday. I’ve blogged about the previous books (here and here) and will keep raving about this series for however long Ms Hedlund writes these books.

Dawson and Philippa’s redemptive love story was sweet, and despite the limited time they knew each other, there’s less insta-love vibes and more “they’re made for each other” as we see two people from different times interact together.

Becky Monson’s fabulous contemporary romantic comedy, Love Songs Suck, released in April and was a joy to read. Plus, how can one not like a book with such a fun title? 😉

Chemistry zinged between Louella and Finn despite many awkward situations, and Finn quickly became one of my favourite ‘Book Boyfriends’ with his charming combination of musicality, fun, and thoughtfulness.

Have you read any books by Melissa Ferguson, Jody Hedlund, or Becky Monson? Drop your recommendations below!

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