Getting Kissy in Creekville

I’ve read several of Melanie Jacobson’s novels, but her Creekville Kisses books are probably my favourites so far (and So Not My Thing, a sublime, captivating novel! Read it!). So I thought I’d share about them in case they interest you too.

Kiss Me Now

Ms Jacobson is the queen of witty dialogue and well-written characters, and this book overflows with both. Among the idyllic country air and fast-paced smoggy city life, Ian and Brooke give readers a glimpse of what happens when two worlds collide. With Brooke’s challenging past and Ian’s investigative nature, the story starts off with a bang!

Despite the enemies-to-lovers atmosphere, their chemistry and long-awaited kisses sweeten the story. As does Ian’s Gran, Miss Lily. She’s a feisty fireball armed with sass and matchmaking instincts, adding another layer of delight to the story.

Kiss The Girl

We meet Noah and Grace in Kiss Me Now, where I hoped they’d end up together. (Spoiler Alert: this book is about them 🤣) In true Melanie Jacobson style, this novel overflows with hilarious moments, witty banter, searing kisses, and a monumental problem Noah and Grace are (somehow!) meant to overcome.

I giggled through the first scene where Grace hung upside down fixing wedding decorations … wearing a dress. The subsequent chapters introduced new, wonderful characters—including an adorable five-year-old—and provided a sneak peek at those we already met (here’s looking at you, Miss Lily!). Thrown in the mix are serious family obligations, a stretch of fake dating, and a crazy yearly tradition called Christmas Town.

If you’re looking for sweet, fun, character-rich stories filled with depth and wonderful scenery, why not check out Kiss Me Now and Kiss The Girl?

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