Positively, Penelope, Princess of the Stage

Pepper Basham released a new book, Positively, Penelope, last week, and I experienced the joy of reading her delightful novel. I also experienced the “joy” of reliving my 1998 VCE results. Miss E is in her final year of secondary school, so she and I dug out my results… just because.

Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos who still has all her secondary school achievements in a folder here at home.

While flipping through my results and discovering I actually completed Year 12 Maths Methods, not General Maths like I thought (no wonder I averaged C+… how was I intelligent enough to achieve a high VCE score but not smart enough to realise I was in the harder math class?), it reminded me of my achievements in drama. I scored an A+ Performance Analysis and two A’s on my Performance Exams, making me the first in my school’s history to do so.

Yes, I was also a drama queen in my heyday. 😉

If you knew “Senior Secondary School Sheridan”, you’d recognise her by the way she skipped, sang random musical numbers, and talked about musical theatre and literature.

I forgot how integral drama was for me during those years, so I loved reading Positively, Penelope because it reminded me of my school drama days and my love for musical theatre, The Sound of Music, Gene Kelly, and Chris Pine (random, to be sure). As I swiped the pages in my reading app, I knew who this story’s target audience was:


Positively, Penelope is another fabulous epistolary novel like its sister book, Authentically, Izzy, which I reviewed last year. Through emails, texts and letters, we discover more about Izzy’s cousin, Penelope Edgewood, and her heart for all things musical theatre.

The Skymar cast I loved is back and funnier than before, with new characters like the Gray family tangling in this sweet romance, and a touch of mystery haunting the old theatre. This contemporary romance overflows with positivity, music, hilarious banter and the warmth of a team working together to make the world a better place… or at least make the historic Darling House theatre better for everyone.

Grab yourself a copy and enjoy this fabulous story!

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2 thoughts on “Positively, Penelope, Princess of the Stage

  1. Sheridan!! Thank you!! This is wonderful. And, one drama queen recognizes another. 😂
    Both of my girls are big into drama and it was a blast to take all I’d learned and my “classics” love and infuse it into Positively, Penelope!!!

    1. Look at us drama queens, keeping it real. 😉 You did a fabulous job tying everything together in a practically perfect package for readers. Now to wait (im)patiently for Luke’s book!!

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