Into the Fire

It’s been a packed fortnight since I last posted. We farewelled September and the Victorian third term school holidays, and ushered in another round of Daylight Savings. My second daughter turned 17 (🤯), I filled my vehicle with the most expensive diesel I’ve paid to date, and I completed my manuscript for the fourth and final book in The Tellarine Series!

It’s been a fun two weeks. I also read a novel by an author I’ve heard wonderful things about for many years, but never carved out the time to read her work until this week.

Irene Hannon has been publishing books since my kindergarten days and winning literary awards longer than I’ve been married. Her novels have been on my radar for an age, and I’m shocked it’s taken this long for me to pick up one of her books.

I’m glad I finally did!

Into the Fire, the first book in Ms. Hannon’s new series Undaunted Courage, released earlier this week. It’s a contemporary romantic suspense thriller with a Christian worldview.

Arson investigator Brianne Tucker and ATF Special Agent Marc Davis entangle in a puzzling case involving Bri’s former colleague. Both Bri and Marc carry deep-seated wounds from their childhoods and past relationships, so although their attraction sparks the moment they meet, this romance is far from an “insta-love” story. Bri’s slow to trust Marc, even though he’s a consummate professional, and fights her feelings for a good portion of the story.

I loved Bri’s rough edges, her integrity, and her family (Spoiler alert: her brother, Jack, will have his own story next year! YES!). Marc was such a thoughtful guy. His relationship with his nan was sweet to observe, and his interactions with Bri’s brother pasted a smile on my face. Awkward family dynamics are the best (in fiction, not real life!).

I enjoyed every moment of Bri and Marc’s story, even the “gives me the heebie-jeebies” Prologue. *shivers* As a reader, Ms Hannon’s introduction to the antagonist creeped me out, but as an author, I adored her ability to get into the psyche of the psycho. 😉

While I prefer reading women’s fiction and romance-focused stories, I zipped through this book! Ms Hannon’s captivating writing style and her characters’ refusal to repeat information impressed me, especially considering the complexity of an arson investigative suspense thriller involving many law enforcement officers.

Ms Hannon has written over 65 books, and I foresee reading more of her novels in my future.

Do you enjoy romantic suspense thrillers? Let me know in the comments below.

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