You Are Loved

During February, many indulge their loved ones with valentines, chocolates and sparkly gifts. But do we extend the same grace and kindness to ourselves we gift to others?

A while back, I relayed some stories of my secondary school years with my eldest. As parents do, I shared to help her deal with “life stuff”. But as her face darkened with each tale, I realised the bullying, abuse and nasty rumours my fellow students had subjected me to was … extreme.

My darling Miss E contains a feisty, protective streak, and as a mother, I marvel at her boldness. She watches out for her younger sisters, close friends and anyone she believes warrants her defence. Even me.

‘If I was one of your school friends, Mum, I’d have punched those bullies.’

When I was Miss E’s age, the thought of standing up for myself paralysed me. I had my faith in God, but none in myself. Which happens after years of accepting unkind words, enduring ridicule, hiding injuries and protecting yourself from future cruelty. The difference between sixteen-year-old me and my eldest daughter is stark, and I’m so thankful.

Mr Wonderful and I have been married for 20 years. He thinks I’m beautiful, intelligent and worthy of love. The best wife and mother on the planet. But it’s only in recent years I have believed what he says about me. It seems I have more in common with Victoria in Punctured Heart than I realised.

This time of the year—with love and gushy feelings plastered everywhere—can be difficult for many. If you’ve ever struggled like me, please know you’re not alone. No matter what others say about you, you are special. Unique. One-of-a-kind.

You are loved, especially by the Father.

Until next time,

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