Stealing Jody Hedlund’s Will…

Despite the title, I promise there’s nothing nefarious going on here. I’m simply suffering from a book hangover, all thanks to Jody Hedlund’s Waters of Time series.

Long story short, I have a consuming case of Will Fever. Symptoms include: daydreaming about a brooding Middle Ages knight, a resurgence of chatting about time travel, and delight each time I use running water. There’s not much I can do until Will Fever runs its course, so I’ll take this opportunity to share all about where you can meet him.

Come Back to Me was worthy of the sleep I sacrificed. Marian’s spine-tingling journey into the past had me riveted from the first chapter, and gifted me with a front-row seat of her whirlwind romance with Will. Fair warning, their chemistry was off-the-charts sizzling!

As a sweet-and-spicy romance lover—especially in novels with a clear Christian worldview—I cheered loud when the sparks flew. Hence my serious case of the Wills. *sigh*

Marian finds herself in several hairy situations, so it’s a good thing she has a swoony knight on speed dial. If only her phone worked in 1381.

Never Leave Me is the latest series instalment focused on Marian’s sister, Ellen, who we meet in book 1. For many important reasons, Ellen spends more time in the present than in the past. But when she lands in a dizzying amount of trouble in 1382, you won’t mind the delay.

It will also thrill my fellow Will Fever sufferers to know we catch glimpses of him and Marian in this book! Scrumptious.

With more fantastical time travelling, miraculous healings and frightening circumstances, Ellen and Harrison’s romance will delight.

Oh, and let’s not forget another brave knight we meet in Ellen’s story: Sir Nicholas! (If you’ve read Punctured Heart, you’ll know another wonderful man by the same name.) I hope Ms Hedlund lets Nicholas shine in the next book of the series… pretty please?

I dare you to risk a case of the Wills and read this enchanting time crossing romance series.

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