Smitten with Eden Falls Academy

Judy Corry is one of my favourite romance authors. Her enthralling storylines and sincere characters capture my heart. She’s also not afraid to plunge below the surface and grapple with life’s difficulties. Her latest Young Adult romance series, Eden Falls Academy, ticks many of my ‘likes’ boxes!

Book 3 in this series released on March 17, and the honour of reading an advanced copy of The Ruse was all mine! Because, wow. What a fabulous book!

In order to help you fall irrevocably in love with these characters (like me!), I suggest starting at book 1. I mentioned The Charade here when it won a Swoony Award earlier this year. If you’re unfamiliar with the Eden Falls Academy series—or only read the first two instalments—here’s my take on all three novels.

The Charade kicks off with a fake dating agreement, a popular trope in YA fiction. But I soon discovered Ava and Carter had to navigate some serious complications, and the story slid into forbidden love territory. I haven’t read a book quite like this, and consumed the story with anxious breaths and, at times, gut-wrenching sadness. Ava and Carter’s emotional story culminated in an electrifying string of events which left me breathless. Oh, and the chemistry between these two seventeen-year-olds? Off the charts! 🔥

The Facade was another rollercoaster read which blew me away with its rawness and depth. Despite the heavy theme of grief and preparing for loss in Cambrielle and Mack’s story, this brothers’ best friend secret relationship tale burrowed deep into my heart. Their chemistry was fiery, and the tragedy Mack wrestled added to the emotional turmoil. Such a well-rounded, heartfelt novel.

The Ruse was a little different from its sister books, where it had lots going on besides ‘the romance bit’, but not in a distracting way. Elyse and Asher’s story was a mishmash of mystery, bad boy, billionaire, love triangle and forced proximity romance, with a sprinkling of Andrew Lloyd Webber. 😉 It brought back glorious memories from the secondary school musicals I took part in, while tormenting me like Victoria in Punctured Heart when she’s trying to work through her feelings for the men in her life. Elyse endures a similar struggle, and I appreciated her believable internal tug of war. The chemistry between Asher and Elyse heated as time went on, but their foundational friendship was so easygoing, I never questioned who she should choose. #TeamAsher all the way!

Do you read YA romance? If you’re in the mood for youthful love, Eden Falls Academy is a wonderful place to visit.

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