Beholden, Beguiled and Besotted

I started Jody Hedlund’s sweet medieval romance trilogy, The Fairest Maidens, a week ago and finished the last book on Wednesday. Seems I enjoyed this fairy tale inspired series! 😉

If you’ve read my blog, you’d know I read contemporary romance, romcoms and women’s fiction novels. I also enjoy historical fiction, particularly if it’s based in the WWII era or involves travelling back in time. But earlier this year, I discovered how much I like medieval fiction.

I don’t recall what drew me to Beholden (maybe the spectacular cover or the intriguing blurb?) other than Jody Hedlund and her propensity for creating characters I can obsess over (you’re still number one, Will!). But no matter the reason I borrowed this book through Kindle Unlimited, I’m so glad I did.

Beholden is a fantastical, unputdownable story with Cinderella-esque qualities and captivating characters. Ms Hedlund set the stage with the three princes of Scania (one book per prince) travelling to remote locations outside their kingdom for their royal testing while weaving a vivid picture of the worlds they lived in and moved to.

Lady Gabriella and Prince Vilmar found themselves in atrocious circumstances in Warwick, and my brain overloaded on imagining all the suffering in the gem mine, with dust sticking to their lungs… and those hideous rats. *shivers*

I wished the antagonist Queen Margery accidentally fell off a horse (or a cliff), but alas, this was not so. You might think I’m being a tad harsh, but if you read these books, you’ll think up a worse fate for her. Grrr.

Beguiled is what happens when a bunch of disfigured exiles, a prince and a princess, end up living together on the remote Isle of Outcasts. Danger, intrigue and a loot-load of chemistry! Another fabulous instalment, this time inspired by Snow White. Princess Pearl and Prince Mikkel’s journey was far from easy, but somehow they overcame many obstacles and focused on what was important: rescuing Pearl’s sister, Ruby, from that dastardly queen. Yeah, her again! Ugh!

I appreciated the way Ms Hedlund interlaced Mikkel’s story with his brother Vilmar, although many of my questions remained unanswered by the end of this tale. Good thing there’s one more book to go!

Besotted is an enthralling, bingeable series conclusion with Sleeping Beauty (and a little Red Riding Hood) vibes and gorgeous characters. Prince Kresten’s jaunt in Mercia’s Inglewood Forest brought out the best in him. He grew on me once he lost his cocky nature and now he’s my favourite of the three brothers! I loved how gentle and sweet he was with innocent Rory/Queen Aurora, and how Rory could assert her authority when needed.

This novel ties up all the loose ends from Vilmar and Mikkel’s stories and finally answers which prince fared best in their royal testing. Oh, and the whole evil queen problem? There’s a resolution for her too, but spoiler alert: it doesn’t involve a cliff. Sad, I know.

Do you enjoy medieval or historical romances? Why not check out this wonderful series by Jody Hedlund?

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