Clearing the Garbage

Last week, Melbourne experienced an evening of tempest weather. Unfortunately, it was also bin night in our neighbourhood. Our local streets, nature strips and shrubbery are now strewn with rubbish, random recycling and other mess. My front lawn also collected debris.

We’re officially the scrappiest-looking municipality in South-East Melbourne, and there’s not much else to do but roll up our sleeves and pick up the garbage, one plastic bottle at a time.

Many thoughts crossed my mind as I contemplated grabbing my gloves and cleaning my yard. I could blame the crazy weather, the neighbours who overfilled their bins, or the garbos who took their sweet time, allowing the mangy crows to peck open and spread more rubbish. But grumbling and festering (like the local tip!) would do nothing to tidy up my lawn.

Sometimes life knocks over a rubbish bin and scatters its garbage across your path. Maybe someone opens their mouth and speaks thoughtless, hurtful words, or a co-worker has a terrible morning and takes it out on you. Perhaps a loved one vents their stress, adding to your own, or your family weighs in on issues you’d prefer they not comment on. In those moments, take a breath and decide: will I allow this situation to rile me or will I brush it off and let it go?

However, there is a caveat. We each need to know the difference between one windy, chaotic night littering our lawn and living daily with other people’s rubbish stinking up our garden.

Choose not to collect other people’s trash or allow them to dump their bitterness, strife and hatred on you.

Here’s to a garbage-free week!

Until next time,

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