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Today’s my biggest girl’s birthday. That’s right, Miss E is eighteen—EIGHTEEN—and officially an adult in the eyes of the Australian government.

And all I can think is, where did the time go? What happened to my teeny ten-month-old, who startled people at church when she walked like a pro? Or the nervous tween in her oversized secondary school uniform?

How do I have an adult child already?

While I contemplate the wonder of time, I have two time travel book reviews for you!

I’m intrigued by the concept of time travel and the possibility of what one does when snatched from their place in time. I’ve reviewed time-travel romances before (here and here) and don’t foresee my fascination ending soon.

Once Upon a Time Travel by Sariah Wilson is an amusing romance about modern-day Emma’s stumble through time to 1816 and her many “lost in translation” moments. I enjoyed how confused the characters around Emma became whenever she opened her mouth. With witty dialogue and relatable characters—past and present—this fun novel kept me entertained.

However, please note some readers might not appreciate the element of magic and references to witches in parts of the book.

Lost in Time by AG Riddle is a twisty, time-jumping futuristic science fiction book brimming with mystery and thrills. Although romance barely features in this book, hope and second chances kept me glued to the story, along with the many twists and turns. It also fascinated me how far back in time one character found himself… in the Jurassic era. 😂 No matter how old you believe Earth to be, the complexity of this story riveted me.

Have you read any fun time travel novels lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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