Highs and Lows

This won’t be my usual “Read this book!” blog, but more of a “Here’s what’s happening with me” post. It’s been an interesting week in our household and I’m overflowing with conflicting emotions.

First off, I’ve been busier than normal (yeah, it’s possible). My three older girls have had extra school activities, so I’ve been facilitating multiple school drop offs and a few extra pickups.

On Monday I enjoyed the bliss of a normal routine, including a leisurely trip to the local library (and cooked a lamb roast for dinner. Go me!).

Then Tuesday arrived. I dropped Miss E at the local train station by 0730, zipped home to collect Miss M so she could attend 0800 school volleyball practice (she arrived with three minutes to spare) then woke the younger two so we could drive Miss F to school at 0830. The day comprised a batch of focused writing, marking school work, then racing from school pickup to rescue my eldest from the station. It was a day I wished Mr Wonderful was home to hug.

Wednesday was easier with one earlier-than-normal school drop off… but then I dropped my phone on the concrete step leading from the garage and smashed my screen. Well, the screen protector held it all together, but three-quarters of my screen is a bright white light.

I was too tired to cry.

I’m using the girls’ emergency phone and praying we get it sorted out before Miss M needs it for her city adventures on Wednesday.

Woke up at 0530 this morning and finished writing my next book. Yes, Tara’s story is complete (now for the hard work of editing). I’m ecstatic in a ‘you can’t tell, but there’s a party happening on the inside’ kind of way. Then completed another 0800 drop off followed by a later-than-usual drop off.

As I stare at the carnage called my house, a place I’ve lived in but not done much else other than write and feed the family the past month, I’m not sure where to start. Probably my phone followed by… something productive. The overgrown garden? My messy walk-in-robe? Tax paperwork?

I’d also like to access my Kindle app, which lives on my (broken) phone as I have two ARCs to read in as many days. And now I’ve finished writing this book, I feel entitled to indulge in some reading.

But first, I have a metre-high pileup of dirty laundry to wash. I broke the “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” rule, so my next fifteen tomorrow’s have “do the washing” listed.

Here’s to the rollercoaster called life.

Until next time,

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