The Power of United Women

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know there’s plenty of oestrogen in my home with six ladies under one roof.

And I love every moment. The chatter and camaraderie as my girls play together—computer, board games, or “make-believe”. The girlish giggles (or rolling-on-the-floor laughter)… and the rare banshee scream. My frequent “Could someone please empty the dishwasher?” request. Like every family, we have our moments. But we also share special times together.

Over the weekend, I attended a fabulous women’s conference at church with my older girls. The sessions by the two gorgeous speakers were thought-provoking and encouraging (and the afternoon tea spread delicious!), but the biggest impact for my heart was knowing my three daughters were experiencing this moment with me.

Something amazing happens when you share a God-breathed moment with your children. With no effort, my bond with my no-longer-little babies strengthened. From being in God’s presence and focusing on His Word. Talk about parenting with advantage!

This weekend also launched a Christian fiction boxed set of novels written by women, and it’s blessed me to take part in this wonderful project.

Cindy M Amos, Jill Boyce, Clari Dees, LuAnn K Edwards, Trish Perry, Rita Peterson, Erin Stevenson and I teamed up to offer our first-book-in-series novels in A Love to Keep. That’s right, eight full-length contemporary Christian romances! And the amazing thing? It’s only $2.89 in Australia ($1.99 in the US)!

If you haven’t read Punctured Heart yet, why not grab this opportunity to explore Victoria’s journey, plus read some new authors for the same price?

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