Fare Thee Well, Summer Holiday…

I’m navigating the familiar mourning period I experience each January. A weekday alarm will soon replace sleep-ins. My fortnightly food planner will dictate our meals and allocated snacks. Routine will govern my hours, and I will stuff the need to declare a reading day into the recesses of my dreams (too bad I rarely recall them).

You know, the life of a parent with children returning to school.

Since the girls finished the school year back in December, I’ve read twenty novels. Not a terrible effort, if I say so myself. 😉

So as I bid “fare thee well” to Summer Sheridan, I thought I’d leave you with a few reading recommendations… just in case you’re blessed with a little free time in the coming months.

Stay With Me by Jody Hedlund starred in my mid-December blog post, but is worthy of another mention and is now available in Kindle Unlimited! (I also read and enjoyed her novella entitled The Vow, so stay tuned for a future post about this series once I get a chance to read the other books.)

What Love Washed Up by Catherine Brusk is a raw, true-to-life Christian romance which left me speechless. Ms Brusk tackles some huge themes (human trafficking and sexual abuse) with tact and sincerity without whitewashing the reality of how trapped one can become in such tormenting darkness.

Law #5: Don’t Team Up with the Enemy by Agnes Canestri kept my attention with its witty banter, unexpected twists and adventures. Hope and Hunter’s office romance overflowed with rivalry and intrigue.

The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller is a faith-filled Regency romance with strong-willed characters, the “delights” of societal snobbery, and an overall sense of community, regardless of class. Lavinia and Nicholas’s unexpected friendship also spurns an organic faith journey for the Earl of Hawkesbury, which I enjoyed.

Falling For Maddie Grace by Meredith Resce is a fun romance novella revolving around Aussie footy, and even though I don’t like the sport (sorry, AFL lovers!), I devoured the story. Ms Resce’s writing style is addictive, as was the chemistry and open conversations between Maddie and Zac.

Autumn’s Rescue by Dora Hiers kicks off a new series and releases on 31 January 2023. Ms Hiers kindly sent me an advanced copy, and I enjoyed Andi and Reece’s complicated romance teeming with teens, a small-town scandal, and the reminder of how powerful forgiveness can be.

Have you read any of these books? Why not check them out?

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