New Christmas Romances

While I navigated the busyness late-November and December avalanched on me this year (whose bright idea was it to launch a new book in the first week of December? Yep, Broken Spirit released on December 5th!), I squeezed in some Christmas reads.

Four “I’ve read many of their books and know I’ll enjoy anything they write” authors just released Christmas romances and I indulged!

Dreaming About Forever by Mandi Blake is a forbidden romance between a sweet superstar and a protective bodyguard. It’s an engaging, “worlds collide” small-town romance with a Christian worldview packed with drama, sweet moments, and swoony romance. This novel radiated with Hallmark Christmas vibes, especially in the cookie decorating scene. 😍 Despite the book spanning a short period, it didn’t give off heavy “instalove” feelings.

Rent Yourself an Elf by Savannah Scott is a wonderful Christmassy novella about a single, overworked elementary school teacher and the handyman “Christmas Elf” her friends hire to help fix the house her Grams left her two years earlier. It’s a sweet, yet fun, unputdownable romance I read in one sitting.

Falling for Your Brother’s Best Friend by Emma St Clair is an updated and extended version of the novella I reviewed here. Still a fun story (which has had Christmas dialled up to a ten!) with fabulous characters, the excitement of unearthing long-held feelings, and heart-palpitating chemistry! A wonderful addition to The Love Cliches series, but also a sneaky bridge into the Love Stories in Sheet Cake series.

Cocoa Kisses by Melanie Jacobson is an amusing, light-hearted return to Creekville (see my post on the series here). This quick read overflowed with many themes like forced proximity, best friends to more romance, and mistletoe kisses. Snow and stormy weather played havoc throughout the story, threatening Creekville’s Christmas Town event, but small-town cheer overcame several fiascos and facilitated a Christmas miracle.

Have you read any of these Christmas romances? Or do you have any recommendations? Share your favourite Christmas stories below.

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