The Divine Proverb of Streusel

If you’re an avid reader of Christian fiction, particularly women’s fiction, the name Sara Brunsvold should be familiar to you.

I’ve followed the buzz surrounding Ms Brunsvold and her inspiring, thought-provoking debut, The Extraordinary Death of Mrs Kip, since its release in mid-2022. Her first novel has been on my “wanted” list long before it won a Carol Award last year, and I’m happy to report I purchased the audiobook last week!

Exciting as it is to have access to Mrs Kip’s story, I was thrilled when my request to read an advanced copy of Ms Brunsvold’s latest novel was approved (thank you, Revell and NetGalley!).

The Divine Proverb of Streusel is a brilliant, unexpected tale of family, faith, and the profound ways our choices impact others. This contemporary women’s fiction has it all: wonderful, relatable characters, the delights and realities of small town and farming life, a little romance, and “old-school” recipes from a bygone era with wisdom from ages past.

This novel revolves around Nikki Werner, a wounded daughter grappling with life’s mind-boggling twists and turns, and her uncle Wes, a farmer who accommodates his niece’s quest to understand the complexities of her present while discovering her German heritage.

I loved experiencing Nikki’s world, seeing things through her eyes… even in her moments of stubbornness. A journey riddled with confusion, grief and anger, there were more grey moments than happy times. But despite the downs, God’s light shone bright throughout, a reminder that life can bring pain, but God is with us through it all.

Wes was a wonderful, kind-hearted man and a great person to come alongside Nikki while she sought answers to life’s tough questions. His conversations with Aunt Emma amused me, as did his budding romance with a local townswoman.

Of course, fabulous fiction wouldn’t be what it is without the characters I wish to shake. While I read Nikki’s story and my frustration ebbed, I wondered if God ever feels like shouting from the sidelines, “Please rethink your choices!” or “Can’t you see what I see?”

Thank God for His mercy and grace.

The Divine Proverb of Streusel releases on 16 January 2024.

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