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There are moments in my life when I *need* to curl up on my bed and dive into a story written by an author I have grown to love and trust. A journey which will be fresh, yet ‘reliable’ for my reader heart, in the sense I know I’ll come away smiling (or snorting/giggling/gasping/swooning) and more than pleased with the story’s outcome.

Of course, any random writer cannot fill this void when I seek book comfort. This special bond I share with particular authors (in a non-stalkerish way, I promise) has built over time through reading their novels. It’s one thing to read a new author because of a recommendation, but it’s another to name a writer you know hits the sweet spot with anything they pen.

This past month, I’ve read a few wonderful books from my ‘Moreish Authors’. Several have free books available to download through the Prolific Works Sweet and Swoony Romance bundle.

In no particular order, here are five of my Moreish Authors:

Melanie Jacobson, writer of fun-loving romances and ‘book hangover’ material (please read So Not My Thing for said hangover). I’ve posted about her books before, and am a fan of her witty banter and captivating characters.

Last week, I scored an advance copy of Ms Jacobson’s latest release, Maybe I Will. Chloe and Dylan starred in So Not My Thing, so my heart had bought shares in their story and shipped them the moment they verbally antagonised one another. Maybe I Will is a worlds-collide, emotionally messy enemies-to-lovers romance, with a heaping of delicious drama, a sprinkle of snark, and an eleventh-hour panic (for me!) that all my spent emotional energy might’ve been for naught (Spoiler Alert: it wasn’t! Yay for a happy ending!).

Emma St Clair knows how to hook a reader (see my reviews for her books here and here)! I read her latest book, The Buy-In, a fortnight ago, and fell head over heels for the town of Sheet Cake and its zany inhabitants. Having adored Ms St Clair’s Love Clichés series where the Graham family came alive in Harper’s book, I bounded right into Pat and Lindy’s story. A fun, quirky and engaging read!

If you’d like to get a taste of Emma St Clair’s winning style, Falling for Your Brother’s Best Friend is available through the Sweet and Swoony Romance offer. For those who read the Love Clichés series, this novella is about Chelsea, the cute but clumsy gal Chase blind-dated. You can read this as a standalone and like all ESC books, it’s a fabulous read.

Mandi Blake, unashamedly Christian and creator of delightful cowboys and small-town swoony heroes. Her Blackwater Ranch series is one of my absolute favourite book sets! Perhaps it’s a fascination with cowboys (the closest we get here in Australia are stockmen wearing Akubra hats) or Ms Blake’s heart-warming characters, but either way, her novels bring farming families to life. They also bring back childhood memories of running about my grandparents’ farm.

Why not download a copy of Ms Blake’s free book, Love in the Storm, available through the Sweet and Swoony Romance Prolific Works offer? This small-town story (finally!) gave me more of Officer Asa (whom I’ve not been obsessed with for the entire Blackwater Ranch series… maybe) and a lot of sweetness with Lyric, as well as Asa’s son, in this forced proximity romance.

Judy Corry, YA and contemporary romance author extraordinaire, who’s gracious enough to receive my fangirl emails. 😉 I’ve gushed about her Eden Falls Academy series, and she’s worthy of my verbiage. Apart from being a sweetheart, Ms Corry writes spine-tingling romance. She’s also unafraid of digging into ‘messier’ storylines. Not all her books reach gritty depths, but each story contains believable characters, delicious chemistry, and ‘how in the world will they make it?’ moments.

Jess Mastorakos, queen of military romance and creator of a few of my book boyfriends (here’s looking at you, PJ). I’ve read twenty of her novels (see my review… and another) and enjoy the way she allows readers to peek into parts of her world as a Marine wife. The Bridesmaid released in late April 2022, and Zac and Layla’s bumpy journey was better than I had expected. Second chance romances are great, but the comradery, endearing characters and adventures in a Jess Mastorakos novel make the trope pop.

Ms Mastorakos also has a free book available in the Sweet and Swoony Romance bundle. The Beginning travels back a few decades to when Miss Hattie and Thatcher—characters in The Brides of Beaufort series—met. A sweet story which helped me understand and appreciate these characters so much more.

Who are your Moreish Authors?

Until next time,

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