Books I Enjoyed in February

Where has the month flown? I’ve been busy, immersed in editing my next book baby—due out in the world in March. So excited!—and reading when I can. Here are a few books I read and enjoyed.

Compared by Kortney Keisel. A little different to her dystopian romances (which are favourites of mine!), this sweet romcom contained all the things I enjoy: engaging characters, hilarious moments, heart-rending emotional themes, and one swoony single Dad. *fans face* Meg and Tyler’s romance was unique and enchanting. I’m excited about the next well-written instalment to hit my Kindle app.

All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese. This contemporary faith-filled romance was an exceptional read from a new-to-me author I’ll definitely read again. From the true-to-life cast of characters, haunting moments, hilarious scenes and heartfelt interactions (I teared up!), I read this baby inside 24 hours. Molly and Silas (and the entire cast) jumped off the pages and straight into my heart. Ms Deese wrote the gritty topics with sensitivity, and the many broken and healing characters split my heart open. Just my jam.

On Schedule by Summer Dowell. This is the third book in the Wedding Business sweet romcom series. I’ve read the first two books, but all are standalone reads if you’re plunging in with this book. Avery and Tyler were such fun, flawed characters, and despite their rough introduction and Tyler’s need to push Avery’s buttons, they lit up the pages and entertained me. Light and fun, there are splashes of family drama in the mix to make it a well-rounded story.

The Planner by Jess Mastorakos. Book two of this author’s latest series was a fabulous read, filled with new and familiar characters—especially for readers like me who’ve read all of Ms Mastorakos’s books—wonderful dialogue, tension and sizzle. I really felt for Will and how his dark, heavy past impacted his every decision. I also felt for Aria, stuck between her love for Will and his insistent rejections. It tugged my heartstrings!

Why not do yourself a favour and check out a new read in March?

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