The Love Letter

Some days I’m overcome with a profound sadness for the world I live in. Hurting people filled with brokenness and pain. Heartache and loss.

Then there are those perpetrating unconscionable evil.

On days like these, I pray and seek comfort in fiction.

I liberated Rachel Hauck’s The Love Letter from my aforementioned unread paperback stash a while ago and devoured it. Somehow, this beautiful story lived on my shelf for over a year, its brilliance hidden underneath a sprinkling of dust and Lego figurines. How this happened—since I suffered a serious book hangover afterwards—I’ll never know.

Entranced from page one, the prologue threw me amid the American Revolution before tossing me back to present-day Hollywood. A world soon linked with yesteryear by a love letter, bridging four people together through time and space.

Rachel Hauck’s split time romance is compelling, tragic and haunting. Her beloved characters traversed complicated friendships in both eras, with parallels unfolding between the two sets of friendships separated by two hundred and thirty-odd years. The dialogue dragged my emotions through the ringer, even as the author inside of me craved every word.

Weaved through the entire story was a timely reminder of God’s love. Despite a world in turmoil, whether external struggles or personal wars within, His love is never far away.

“Come, follow me,” calls the heart of the Father.

And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Until next time,

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