Sports, Historical and Ranchin’ Romances

My littlies were unwell on and off over the last few weeks, so I’ve enjoyed a variety of fabulous books while I mothered/hugged them. I know, excuses, excuses. 😉

Carolyn Miller is a marvellous Australian author. I had the honour of ‘meeting’ her at an online Christian writer’s conference in 2021. She has a sweet nature, kind heart, and always (and I mean, always!) wears a smile. Such a delight!

I recently devoured two of her faith-filled sports romances, The Breakup Project and Love on Ice. And, wow, what great reads! I’m not a sports fan (apart from watching NBA games when Mr Wonderful switches one on… so long as I don’t sit beside him or I might puncture an eardrum), but Carolyn Miller’s beautiful ‘voice’ and wonderful characters kept me entertained and swiping pages.

I hope to read the rest of the Original Six hockey romance series sometime soon.

Kari Trumbo’s latest Christian historical romance series, The Belle Fourche Chronicles, revolves around two feuding families (with exquisite book covers!). I had the pleasure of reading Valley of Promise, the second book in the series.

Although I had only read the freebie prequel, I still followed the story. Armstrong and Dosha’s forbidden romance was unique and complicated, with the Johlman/Douglas feud ratcheting out of control.

I’m looking forward with tingly toe anticipation when the next book releases in August! Eeeep!

I’ve shared about Mandi Blake before (one of my moreish authors). What’s not to love about this gorgeous woman? She’s generous, attentive to her fans (she’s replied to my emails…!), and writes heartwarming Christian fiction with imperfect characters and handsome cowboys!

I was privileged to read her soon-to-be-released novel, Almost Everything. If you’re already a Mandi Blake fan, I expect you’ll enjoy this novel as much as me. And if Ms Blake’s a new-to-you author, I suggest you grab a copy of her Blackwater Ranch series and join the party! Blake and Everly’s story overflows with superb characters (even the ones I crave to punch in the face… here’s looking at you, David!), many difficulties to overcome, and the reminder that God sees and loves all of us, even when we want to melt into the background.

Almost Everything releases on Friday 17th June.

Do you have any sports romances, historical fiction, or cowboy-laden books to recommend? Why not post below in the comments?

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