To Reread or not to Reread…

Once upon a time, I possessed hours and hours of leisure time to expend. Although this season in my life seems like decades ago (oh wait, it is!), and almost mythical, there was a time where I would reread books I enjoyed.

Sometimes I would reread a book more than once! (Here’s looking at you Clara Morison!) Yes, such luxuries occurred in my youth and pre-parental days. Not in recent years.

However, a funny thing happened this year: I reread books from two different series!

When I blogged about Judy Corry’s Eden Falls Academy in March, I actually reread The Charade and The Facade to prepare for The Ruse. Revisiting these stories brought all the characters back to life, sparking the thought, “Should I reread book series’ more often?”

So, last month I reread the first four books in Emma St Clair’s Love Clichés series. I had read each of these books around their release dates, but the other books sat neglected in my Kindle app for almost twelve months.

And, wow, I’m so glad I reread these stories. I forgot how marvellous Abby and Zane’s awkwardly embarrassing business trip became, or Zoe’s hauling-unconscious-Gavin-in-a-sheet-sling prowess, not to mention Thayden and Delilah’s volatile relationship or the crazy Christmas-themed twelve holidates Taylor and Weston shared. I sucked these babies through my eyeballs, into my brain, and they settled in my heart just in time for me to fall head over heels for Harper and Chase, Chelsea and Mason, and Sam and Rhys.

Epic. Series.

(Speaking of which, The Buy-In—the first book in the spinoff series about Harper’s family I mentioned in my Moreish Authors post—is free for a few more hours! Do yourself a favour and grab a copy!)

After two positive experiences, I’m now reconsidering whether I could reread more books. But then I glance at the pile of unread paperbacks littering my bookshelves and wonder. Maybe I need some boundaries when investing time in familiar stories.

For example, I ordered Diana Gabaldon’s latest Outlander book earlier this year (sadly still waiting in the unread paperbacks pile). But… the thought of rereading the previous eight books has my palms sweating. Where would I find time to reread over eight and a half thousand pages?

Not this decade. Perhaps I should compromise and reread book eight?

Then I open my Kindle app and see all these other unread books vying for my attention.

Yep, the guilt is real. I’m leaning toward the side of “Life’s too short to read a new book I end up not enjoying.” Perhaps there’s more rereading on the horizon?

Do you reread books? Or do you prefer to dive into fresh stories?

Until next time,

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