An Uncertain Choice

I stepped back from social media and skipped a blog post to take care of Mr Wonderful after he required emergency surgery last month.

No, this wasn’t an uncertain choice for me. 😉 I happily volunteered to tend to my beloved. Praise God he’s now two-and-a-half weeks post-surgery and recovering well, so I’m able to share six book reviews with you! Yes… six!

During late January through late February, I read Jody Hedlund’s An Uncertain Choice series, and wow, I enjoyed these books!

The Vow is an enthralling prequel novella which sets the scene for this historical romance series, introducing us to fourteen-year-old Lady Rosemarie, the heroine in An Uncertain Choice. It’s a quick and easy read, one I believe enriches later stories because it establishes the medieval world well.

An Uncertain Choice follows now almost-eighteen-year-old Lady Rosemarie and her precarious position leading her small kingdom. The story introduces three accomplished, noble knights—Sir Derrick, Sir Collin and Sir Bennet—for the first time, setting up future books when each knight finds his love. Sir Derrick is the hero in this novel and I cheered for him from the moment he valiantly rode to the rescue. For those sensitive to violence, there are some darker moments, a handful of particularly dark characters, and the occasional torture scene in this story. You know, typical Middle Ages shenanigans. 😉

A Daring Sacrifice stars one of my favourite knights, Sir Collin, and Lady Julianna, in a “Robin Hood meets Mr Darcy” friends-to-lovers tale. Unconventional and fast-paced, with a mix of delightful and detestable characters, this romance enchanted me with swoony kisses… and torture. Yeah, some of the torture descriptions were unpleasant, but not gratuitous, which ramped up the tension. The adventures, heated discussions and heart-pounding moments outweighed the icky bits.

For Love And Honor is a poignant, complex marriage-of-convenience romance between Lady Sabine and Sir Bennet. A skin blemish and the foolishness of an older brother boxes this pair into situations they never wanted, and obligations to their families force them together. Danger, secrets and the never-ending need to prove their worth drove this storyline, and I read this book within twenty-four hours (and not just because the book was due back to the library!).

A Loyal Heart ushers change to the series since the three noble knights have found their leading ladies, so this redemptive love story follows Sir Aldric, Sir Bennet’s sibling (yes, the aforementioned older brother), and Lady Olivia, his new prisoner (don’t worry, there’s no sign of Stockholm Syndrome in this romance!). Sir Aldric dealt with—or should I say, didn’t deal well with—negative consequences to his choices and actions in his brother’s book, so this story was even sweeter knowing what he had overcome to get as far as he did. And Lady Olivia’s strong-headedness made a perfect match for the broken commander.

A Worthy Rebel, the last book in the series, breaks all rules of class and rank when Lady Isabelle, Lady Olivia’s sister, runs from her heartless betrothed into the path of a rebellious peasant named Cole. Amongst the life-and-death moments, desperate odds and trying circumstances, Izzy and Cole’s undeniable attraction and attachment grows until the scorned husband-to-be wreaks havoc on everyone. Yes, cue the torture and cruelty. There are several awful scenes and situations which unravel throughout this novel, but like each one of these books—spoiler alert!—good prevails.

If you enjoy historical fiction with a little grit and grime, loads of tension and adventure, and a heaping of romance, Jody Hedlund’s An Uncertain Choice series might be for you!

Do you enjoy historical fiction? Share your recommendations below!

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