New Tellarine Adventure and Book Recs

In case you missed my recent newsletter or posts on social media, book three of The Tellarine Series releases next week! Fractured Mind launches out into the world on 10 November… which is also my 21st wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary, Mr Wonderful! Guess what I’ll gift my beloved for this auspicious occasion? A shiny new book! 😃 Surely the knowledge I spent months working on this novel counts? Too bad he’s not my target audience… and doesn’t read fiction.

So if you haven’t secured your copy of Fractured Mind yet, have no fear, you can pre-order here! And if you prefer to read in Kindle Unlimited, the ebook will be available to borrow next week.

While I’ve been working on the final touches for the publisher, I also squeezed in a little reading in October. My Goodreads Book Challenge seems to think I read ten books last month…! Not sure how this happened (it’s been a super-busy month!) but there you go.

Here’s a few of the novels I read in October:

We Hope for Better Things by Erin Bartels – I blogged about this remarkable story here.

The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen – a complex, heart-warming (and despairing) women’s fiction-like Regency romance. Lilly’s coming-of-age story overflows with vibrant characters and secrets. I loved how Ms Klassen kept me guessing with which gentleman would best suit Lilly, and had determined long before the “final reveal” whom it should be (I got it right! Yay!).

Dating Mr Darcy by Kate O’Keeffe – a funny, quirky contemporary romcom with Regency flair which fans of Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey or The Batchelor (yeah, an odd mix) may enjoy. Emma’s tumble into a reality TV dating show had me giggling and fuming. Oh, and Sebastian (aka Mr Darcy) is perfecto.

A Heart’s Praise by Dora Hiers – a fabulous faith-filled second chance “later years” contemporary romance. Jett and Lexie tackled several serious challenges but relied on God’s goodness throughout their journey. I appreciated the strong faith element, the realism in sections of the story, and the interaction between the main characters and the teens Lexie fostered.

The Runaway by Jess Mastorakos – a wonderful road-trip-to-love Marine romance. Nate and Nikki’s journey was rough, and with Nikki’s teenaged daughter thrown in the mix, there were many memorable moments. This is the last book in the Brides of Beaufort series, so previous characters in the series reappeared (plus some from other Jess Mastorakos books) and I loved catching up with them all!

Have you read any inspiring fiction recently? Comment below so I can add to my decades-long to-be-read list. 😉 And while you’re here, why not check out my new book?

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