Three March Releases

I read several fabulous new releases over the past few weeks—two of which I scored advance copies!—and wanted to share my reviews with you. If you’re after a brand spanking new, just-off-the-press story, these novels might hit the spot!

Betting on the Boy Next Door, a sweet romcom by Melanie Jacobson based in Austin, Texas, released almost two-and-a-half-weeks ago. Josh and Sami entertained me in the first Betting on Love series instalment with the trials and triumphs of an up-and-coming rock ‘n’ roll band, awkward fake dating moments, swoony balcony chats, tense office and familial drama, and all the warm fuzzies supportive roommates offer. Incidentally, these roommates gift us with the promise of future romance in upcoming books, yippee!

I’ve blogged about Ms Jacobson’s witty dialogue and well-written characters (here and here!), and Betting on the Boy Next Door continues in a similar vein. I laughed out loud several times… in-between moments of wanting to hug and slap Sami for allowing her past to dictate her future. Yeah, Ms Jacobson delivered all the feels. 😉

Better Together, the fabulous fourth book in the Wolf Creek Ranch series by Mandi Blake, released last week. This emotional best friends-to-more Christian romance captured my attention and tugged at my heart from the get-go. Remi and Colt’s story has simmered on the back burner through this entire series, notably for the way poor Colt secretly pined over his friend (or secretly enough for Remi to miss all the signs). I’ve wanted to know their history, and this book explains the ocean of hurt, hurdles and misconceptions Remi, in particular, needed to overcome, plus the difficulties they both endured growing up.

This story focuses on the holy trifecta—romance, children and animals—and how Remi and Colt’s “found family” on Wolf Creek Ranch band together through life’s challenges. For those familiar with Ms Blake’s books (see my reviews here and here), there are several Blackwater Ranch character sightings, so brace yourself for the excitement of catching up with some old favourites!

Grace Through Fire by Jessica Berg is the second Lancaster family instalment, a gripping faith-filled suspense romance which released on Tuesday. Riddled with intrigue, Nikki and Xavier’s action-packed second-chance romance shares plenty of amusing, prickly interactions between the two exes while they independently investigate a life-threatening mystery which follows Nikki back to her family farm. Nikki was a teenager in her older sisters’ must-read adventure, Amber Waves of Grace, so it was fun discovering the independent adult she had become and a joy seeing her grow in her confidence and her trust in God during the challenges she faced.

Ms Berg set this story roughly eight years after the events of Amber Waves of Grace, so reading in order would enrich your understanding of Nikki’s history and family dynamics, but you can read Grace Through Fire as a standalone. And for those disinclined to read police procedurals or mysteries, there’s plenty of romance and character-driven scenes to keep your attention.

 Do any of the above stories pique your interest? Let me know in the comments!

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