Something to Look Forward to…

The last two weeks were hectic, and it seems May will be just as chaotic. So I’m taking a break from my writing cave to say a quick “Hello!” and share some news. Some good and some… not so good.

The good news is this story I’m writing is humming along! The bad news? I don’t have any book reviews to share because I’ve sacrificed reading in recent weeks.

Who will cry more? You or me? 😉

However! I can share a few titles I’m reading or will soon read and blog about.

Remember my review of the first book in Melanie Jacobson’s Betting on Love series? I’m halfway through book two and will read the third book (which released yesterday! Woot!) and blog about them sometime soon.

What about Pepper Basham’s fabulous epistolary series? Authentically, Izzy and Positively, Penelope were exceptional reads, and Loyally, Luke releases later this month, so I’ll drop a review sooner rather than later.

Bethany Turner’s set to drop another romance in June, so if you haven’t read Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other and fallen in love with Adelaide Springs yet, there’s still time before the next book releases.

What books are you looking forward to reading? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Something to Look Forward to…

  1. May, such an eventful month.
    Mother’s Day, family drama, grandkids birthdays, and the elephant in the room. The last few days to get my wip back to the editor for a line edit on the 1st of June.

    I know how it feels to be locked into a study, the guilt of not being the cook, or on the shopping trolley… and the bed gets left unmade. I dodge the looks of the main man and throw my hands in the air when he catches me bashing away at the keys. Yes, he’s a trooper, and loves what I do, but living my dream isn’t always his. 🙂 Bright side, come June I am all his – until the edit comes back in my email list with the next round of ‘fix this, change that’. I wouldn’t trade it for quids. Plus, as its historical fiction I get to time travel whilst he gets to deal with the today world. Win Win. (For me)

    So no, I too will be forgoing other writer’s books until mine is done and dusted. Sorry, not sorry!
    All strength to you for your writing 🙂

    1. I hear you, Rosemary! It can be a challenge to juggle all our responsibilities and stay “in the moment” with our loved ones, especially during the busier months. It sounds like we’re both working hard on our manuscripts so we can have time with our family! Congratulations on your hard efforts… writing isn’t for the fainthearted. 😊

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