Ten things I learned from COVID…

I’ve been out of confinement for a week now (yay!) and thought I’d share some practical tips should you find yourself in isolation.

  • You will receive a heap of phone calls from the Health Department, especially with five confirmed positive cases in one day. I may be a prime candidate for government employment after listening to the same script and repeatedly answering the same questions.
  • You will experience warm, mushy feelings from the plethora of text messages you receive. I clocked up fourteen in one day from the Health Department. See? Special!
  • Your future self will thank your past self for planning grocery deliveries. Our fortnightly shop fell on the second day of quarantine when I was feeling “normal”. If it had happened a week later… well, who knows where we might have stored everything.
  • Your family will survive while you sleep three days straight. They will even learn how to wash dishes and stack the dishwasher. It’s a COVID miracle.
  • Chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, veggies and pasta taste like cardboard. Just obey your six-year-old daughter and eat your dinner.
  • Movie nights are a fun way to spend time together. i.e. Sleeping on the couch while your family watches the TV.
  • Don’t freak out if you lack the desire to read. This too shall pass.
  • Watching people work in the kitchen can be therapeutic. Pretending to sleep so you avoid fifty-thousand questions from said people in the kitchen is therapeutic too.
  • Vitamin C, D and zinc are your friends. So are rainy days burrowed under thick blankets, and teenage daughters with cups of tea.
  • The fog will lift, your appetite and taste buds will resuscitate themselves, and you may or may not regain the 3kgs you lost. Either way, life is a blessing. Spend it with people you love.

Until next time,

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